Triway lube may be your solution to many troublesome problems that go undetected.

For example a motor servo alarm from overload, or positioning accuracy and or limit switch adjustments just to name a few.

 At RAKO Inc we have been providing mechanical repair services for the industrial and  manufacturing sector since 1968 or 40 + years.

It became evident that many machine failures were traced to lubrication failure problems.

 The slide way of the precision machines requires a frequent renewal of way lubricant to be adequately lubricated. Sometimes the pump is not providing sufficient pressure because of nonfunctioning pump, plugged filters or even broken lines. More over the pump may be working correctly and the metering units have become plugged letting it appear every thing is normal, when the machine is actually experiencing lubrication failure.

 When lubrication failure is occurring many exterior problems will be evident, such as motor overload alarms positioning problems as well as way gaulding, and or elevated turcite wear leading to machine accuracy problems.

Even though adjustments are made, a problematic condition exists causing frustration as well as poor machine performance or a part quality issue.

 If your machine is equipped with turcite coated box ways the turcite coating can be completely worn away in a very short time without proper lubrication, letting the machine ways go metal to metal causing elevated damage.

 There is another condition that presents itself: a dissolvement of the turcite bond line to the machine casting releasing the turcite to eject its self and again letting the machine ways go metal to metal causing accelerated damage.

 This condition could be occurring in your machine (s) as you are reading this article.

 If your machine is equipped with lenier ways many of these conditions will not be experienced although increased wear is occurring.

 GOOD NEWS: There is help available

 In many but not all cases, the introduction of TRIWAY Slide Way Lubricant may be able to start improving the lubricity of the slide way area. It contains a DETERGERENT designed to dissolve the built up of contaminates in your lubrication system.



 This means that ALL the pertinent aspects of the lube system MUST be functioning PROPERLY. From the correct power to the pump motor, the ability of the pump to deliver the proper pressure, the pump inlet filter able

to allow fluid passage and the outbound high pressure filter unrestricted for the lubrication flow to proceeded to MAIN FEEDER LINES and ARRIVE at the fluid METERING BLOCKS. Many times the main feeder lines can become clogged, broken or even damaged that prevents lubricant from getting to the METERING BLOCKS.


 The METERING BLOCKS are designed to allow a specified amount of lubricant to be delivered to each designated point simultaneously to provide

COMPLETE machine lubrication during a lubrication cycle. If one or more of these metering units are CLOGGED, NONFUNCTIONING, OR A BROKEN FINAL DELIVERY LINE exists the machine is still experiencing

a LUBRICATION FAILURE. Although TRIWAY is designed to alleviate

many of the internal flow problems it CANNOT do mechanical repairs or detect flow delivery problems. That is for the trained and skilled technician

to diagnose and resolve the mechanical failure issues. If your chosen machine way lubricant is NOT arriving at the OEM intended final destination your machine is experiencing machine way lubrication failure.

Even though the machine is consuming way lubricant it may NOT be arriving at its intended final destination point, and again lubrication failure is occurring,  FAILURE TO ARRIVE AND BE APPLIED.



 At RAKO Inc we stock the commonly known lubrication repair parts required to make the necessary repairs to your machine. This may also include timers and or sequence controls to deliver the correct power on intervals to the lubrication pump. Many times these are namely worn out

 or not functioning at ALL.

It may be time evaluate the lube delivery system

 AT RAKO Inc we have been installing TURCITE for many years. Our stock is normally complete with the required elements to complete you job quickly to minimize your down time.


We are the ONLY KNOWN after market source for SLIDEWAY REPLACEMENT GIBBS of ANY Configuration. If you have a damaged or missing gibbs we can provide a replacement that is in AGREEMENT with your machine. We ALSO can apply TURCITE to your existing gibbs and or to your machine slideway casting at our shop or at your plant in the 48 states.

We are a MOBILE & FLEXIBLE company that strives to meet your desired goals and expectations with a SMILE.


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What’s NEW !

Recently, we are adding CAD services to our specialized list of services.

 What this means is, if we make / provide a repair part in our service related activity, we may very well retain that information for future application.

Should the need arise for a replacement part(s) in the future, we may very well have the information needed to start the project, while verification is occurring. 

This could be a real life saver!



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